At home vs in public. All too true.

What has happened to aspie-wolf? What has happened?

Getting Fixated on Inanimate Objects - An Adjustable Spanner

Yes, that’s me. So, like, a few weeks ago at Explorers, we were putting up an assult course for the Cubs, and we were fiddling around with tools. Of course, ‘cause my parents aren’t very DIY orientated, I didn’t know what WD40 was, et cetera.

Then, of course, came the adjustable spanner. I don’t know why I became so interested in it, or fixated on how it worked, it was just very very clever. So I carried it around all evening (about 2 hours) and had to give it up occasionally so that it could be used.

One of my leaders joked about my “spanner fetish”. Gah!

Never realised that that was an Aspergers/autism thing.

I also learnt about the four types of clamps:

  • Ninety degree clamp
  • Variable clamp
  • Toeboard clamp
  • In-line clamp

I’m proud of myself. That sounds rather snotty. Oh well.

Info-dumping over, the assult course didn’t work very well. We had some of the lighter Explorers climb over it, and it was bending rather worryingly.